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Patient Checklist for Hyperparathyroidism

All recent laboratory values to include recent:

  • All Calcium levels
  • All Intact Parathyroid levels
  • Recent Thyroid function studies (TSH, free T4)

24 hour Urinary Calcium Level

All localization studies performed (if available) to include:

  • Neck ultrasounds
  • Tc99 Sestamibi scan (Parathyroid scan)
  • Any recent CT scans or MRI of neck

Dr. Harding will review the actual images of these studies which are available only from the Radiology facilities where they were performed. The radiologist's interpretation is not sufficient. Please note that patients are responsible for bringing any images to their appointment and as well for picking them up from our office.

Dr. Harding will perform a complete ultrasound study in the office. This may help reduce medical expenses by avoiding further testing which can be costly.

For patients who have undergone any prior neck surgery, the reports of their operation and any available pathology reports will be essential.